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20 Jan

João de Almeida Dias (Portugal)
Observador, 08.12.2014

While resisting, they expect no surprise240

Longform article about different people who, 20 years after Lukashenko’s rise to power, still fight the regime. Includes conversation with Ales Bialiatski from Viasna; a visit to Belsat’s office in Minsk; touches the issue of the Belarusian language with a visit to Mova Na Nova classes; and an interview with Liavon Volski. (Please visit the link where the article was published to see photographs and videos by the article’s author)

20 Jan

Valery Kavaleuski (Belarus)
Belarusian Review, 02.09.2014

Talks on Ukraine in Minsk: does Belarus start its way out of self-isolation?5

Amidst the Ukrainian crisis, Belarus has been more active than ever since the beginning of 90s.

20 Jan

Valery Kavaleuski (Belarus)
Belarusian Review, 01.11.2014

Prudent approach to Belarus requires comprehensive and honest assessment3

Carnegie Endowment fellow Balazs Jarabik in his piece Revisiting Belarus: The Reality Beyond the Rhetoric makes an attempt to paint a comprehensive picture of the situation in Belarus, in political sphere, economy, and society. The article portrays selective facts and figures from a peculiar perspective.

14 Jan

Santino Santinelli (Italy)
One Europe, 11.09.2014

The Power of the Theatrical Style: The Experience of the Belarus Free Theatre Company158

Many artists from all over the world work hard and sacrifice themselves to fight for a good cause. It is also the case of the Belarus free Theatre.

14 Jan

Eva Coronado Alonso (Spain)
Achtung magazine, 26.12.2014

The Belarusian language wants its place4

Although Russian and Belarusian share an alphabet, they are different languages and the latter is fighting for greater recognition.

8 Jan

Dmytro Plakhta (Ukraine)
Всеукраїнська спортивна газета "Спортивка", 14.10.2014

Навколофутбольна післямова з Білорусі5

Crossing the Belarusian border by Ukrainian fans and journalists, a trip with travel agency "OMON", Belarusian oppositional rally at the stadium, "the most free game in the history of Belarusian football", a friendly game between fans, European stadium "Borisov Arena"... Ukrainian sports newspaper "SPORTYVKA" tells about these and other experiences after visiting the match between the national football teams of Ukraine and Belarus.

30 Dec

Anna Zmanovskaya (Russia)
International Ice Hockey Federation, 21.05.2014

Petrovich the oracle3

Minsk’s wonder-crab has the top tips

30 Dec

Dmitry Okrest (Russia)
Nihilist, 23.9.2014

Igor Olinevich is 31374

Igor Olinevich‘s book "On the Way to Magadan" based on his diary was published in 2013. About the book and conditions in Belarusian prisons.

15 Dec

Paula Borowska (Poland)
Belarus Digest, 18.11.2014

Non-Formal Education In Belarus: Unleashing The Civil Society Potential2

Over the past couple of years informal education has witnessed remarkable growth in Belarus. It offers Belarusians possibilities missing at the nation’s over-regulated state-run universities. New grass-roots initiatives such as the European College of Liberal Arts and the Flying University are organising innovative and inspiring courses in Minsk. Although functioning within a certain limitations peculiar to Belarus, they still manage to appeal to the nation’s youth.

15 Dec

Igar Gubarevich (Belarus)
Belarus Digest, 16.10.14

Belarus At The United Nations: Resentment, Bragging And Anti-Western Rhetoric11

15 Dec

Igar Gubarevich (Belarus)
Belarus Digest, 4.8.2014

Combatting Human Trafficking: Belarus Leads International Efforts14

12 Dec

Paula Borowska (Poland)
New Eastern Europe, 29.4.2014

Linguistic Initiatives Conquer Belarus2

It starts at the moment of passport control on the Belarusian side. A disbelief and suspicion on the border officer’s face when hearing a foreigner replying in Belarusian to routine questioning in Russian is priceless. Soon it becomes apparent that this is a state bilingualism à la Belarus.

10 Nov

Yonatan Kunda (Israel)
Haokets, 1.2.2014

The Karlin Cry: Thoughts on Trees, Roots and Metaphors Between Belarus and Jerusalem1

It is strange the way we are taught to think about our roots: we are taught to return to them, to discover and examine them, console in them, grasp on to them like a weapon or a flag, remember them. And at the same time, very simple common sense makes us ask: a root that can be dug up and waved about in the air – isn’t it undermining its purpose?

20 Oct

Artyom Shraibman (Belarus)
Belarus Digest, 19.2.2014

Is Belarus A European North Korea? - Top Three Myths About Belarus In Western Media1

Describing Belarus as the "last European dictatorship" in Western media has become a tradition. In many cases it is justified by real human rights abuses and the absence of any real democracy in the country. However, often authors and journalists go far beyond objective analysis or describing the true situation in Belarus. They prefer to portray the country as a big concentration camp in the middle of Europe.